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Hurricane Season is June 1 through November 30.

The priority for the Seapath Building Manager and staff during storm preparation is the protection of “common property”. Any other activity, which would obstruct progress needed to protect common property in times of storm threat, is to be postponed until the protection of such common property is complete.

Except for the timing of building shut-down plans, Seapath homeowners have access to the same storm information resources as the Seapath Building Manager and staff. Consequently, during the time of hurricane preparation, the Building Manager and staff are to focus on protecting common property rather than making efforts to inform residents of storm information, persuading residents to depart during evacuations, protecting the private property of homeowners, etc.

Information concerning schedules for water cut-off, elevator shut-down and building close-down will be posted in the first floor elevator area as soon as any decisions are made by your Board of Directors.

Seapath, Inc. Hurricane Procedures and Tips – Homeowners:

  • Seapath has a limited number of staff. During hurricane season, owners can help to speed up the staff’s hurricane preparation process by doing several things when you know you will not be returning to your Seapath home for an extended period of time.
    1. Please place any balcony furniture and loose items inside your unit. Be sure your sliding glass doors and windows are locked.
    2. If you have storm shutters, please close and lock them each time you leave.
    3. Turn the water off to your unit by using the cut off valve.
    4. Turn off the breaker to your water heater in the event the water is cut off.
  • The staff has a procedure that should provide them with enough time to inspect each Seapath unit if given enough warning. If you are here or live in the Wilmington area, your help will be greatly appreciated in inspecting the units. Please let the office know if you have secured your unit and left Seapath. For those who cannot be here, every effort will be made by staff to inspect and secure your unit.
  • If you plan to leave the area in the event of a hurricane, do so before major traffic corridors are filled. A “hurricane watch” is issued prior to a “hurricane warning”. Shortly thereafter, “voluntary evacuation” notices may be issued by the Town of Wrightsville Beach, followed by “mandatory evacuation” notices. Consider leaving when a “warning” or “watch” is issued.
  • Make sure you have plenty of cash before a storm. Many stores may be without electricity following the storm and you may not be able to use debit or credit cards.
  • Purchase your Wrightsville Beach resident sticker early in the season. A new sticker must be purchased each year. This sticker is required for re-entry to the beach after an evacuation. Contact the Town of Wrightsville Beach for more information on purchasing a resident sticker.
  • If you require special medical assistance, be sure arrangements have been made with medical professionals to service your needs.
  • Medications and personal hygiene supplies may be limited after a storm. It is recommended to have a three week supply on hand.