Room Reservation Form (Print)

To make your reservation please contact the Seapath Office.

The subject areas can be reserved for Social Purposes only, not open to the general public, and only by the Seapath owners or residents. As acknowledged below, the person requesting a reservation is responsible for:

  1. Adherence to NC Fire Code and all Seapath Rules and Regulations.
  2. Conduct of those using all the Seapath facilities.
  3. Clean-up and dispose of all trash, to the dumpster, after use and leave the room / area in the condition you found it.
  4. Cost of all clean-up and damage repairs incurred by the Seapath HOA.
  5. Ensuring all furniture is returned to the original placement.
  6. Report any damage or non-operational equipment to management office.

A deposit of $250 is required at the time of making a reservation.

Please mail or deliver your check, with this form, to the Seapath, Inc. management office. Should costs for item #4 above exceed this amount, the additional costs accrued will be billed to the Unit involved in the reservation and it becomes the responsibility of the Unit owner to see that the HOA is reimbursed.

The deposit check will be voided and returned if there is no cleaning or repair cost.

Please print the Reservation Form and return it to the Seapath Office. Remember to fill in all information and attach your deposit check.